August 20, 2017



Duolingo programmers, if any of you are watching these threads: please, can there be codes in the tooltips to indicate things about new words like their gender or conjugation? I'm tired of mousing over a single word, learning its definition, but not being able to use it in a sentence. I now know that "kiranja" means "prefect", and that it's singular, but I have no idea what object infix or adjective prefix to use with it.

Same for languages like Russian, where you could at least make an effort to tell me whether a word is masculine, feminine, or neuter the first time it's introduced...


I'm guessing Ki/Vi. The object infixes are -ki- and -vi-. A sentence using it might be kiranja anakula ndizi, "the prefect eats a banana" , or kiranja ni mwanafunzi, " a prefect is a student". Possibly not the most helpful sentences, but they are sentences. You can build on it from there.

If you don't know the agreements for a noun class have a look at the tips and notes for that skill (although a prefect would use M/Wa rules as, being a person, it's an animate noun). Object infixes are listed in the tips and notes in the Object Infix skill. Basically, read the tips and notes in all skills as you unlock them, even if you are on the app and it means having to visit the website.

Eventually you'll be able to make an educated guess yourself as you work out the patterns (it helps to read up on noun class semantics. Granted, that doesn't help right now and having new things explained would be helpful, but we are in a rushed-out beta with a team that is very busy with other stuff. In the meantime you might need to try to find resources online to help fill in the blanks.


Since prefect is a person i believe it is in thr M/ wa claa.

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