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Post deleted - please let me know what I did wrong so I can avoid doing it again.

A post I made in this stream (asking for help with translating a sentence into other languages) a few hours ago appears to have disappeared. I presume that's because I violated some policy - I've been away for quite awhile. If someone could let me know what was wrong with the post, that would be very helpful, so that I will know not to do it again.

August 20, 2017



Well, if you've been away for awhile then it may be necessary to know that the constant downvoters have been more vicious than usual now. At least, for me. Others may not see it that way. I mean, it has always been an issue, but a little larger currently.

I don't believe you violated the guidelines, so I wouldn't worry about that. Like others have said, it may be the people who downvote for no reason. Hope that helps!


That's ...discouraging, but useful to know, thank you.


Ah, I apologize. I didn't mean to discourage you.

Also, you're welcome!


grin It's just sad to come back to something that used to be sometimes negative/spammy/trolly/frustrating, and sometimes wonderfully interesting and helpful, and discover that the former has increased. Not your fault!


no, it prob just got 5 downvotes.


You did nothing wrong: People just like to downvote stuff, even when it isn't bad.


Hi beadspitter,

Unfortunately, the post you're referring to looks to have been deleted by either a staff member or a moderator. But, upon review of the content, I don't see any guideline violations. I'm asking around to see what might have happened. But, I'm not sure if the mod who deleted it will see my message. (Moderators are unable to see who deleted a discussion at this time.)

I could be wrong, but, I really don't think you violated any guidelines. Sorry that happened!

PS if anyone would like to answer beadspitter's question, here is is:

I don't want to rely on Google Translate or anything else automated. I'd love to get as many translations as possible of the statement "It is our differences that make us great."

It would be especially awesome to have these in idiomatic Spanish, French (Canadian), Arabic, Hindi, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Haitian Creole, and Greek - or the language of any other immigrant group near you (wherever you are). But I'll enjoy anything.

Thank you!


Oh, thank you for looking into it. I appreciate it!


Do you remember what you said? Do you have some sort of screenshot? If not, you can read this, the forum guidelines.


The downvoting trolls! That's what i was thinking! I don't get it--just sitting there clicking the ugh button on perfectly good posts so somebody won't look credible? Ha! That's just ridiculous.


When a post gets more than -5 downvotes, then i gets automatically deleted by the mods. thinking that it's spam. Some posts are spam, but they got downvoted by actual spammers, and some really good posts just get deleted by that. Maybe some spammers downvoted your posts and that's awful, cause it has happened to me before.


It doesn't get auto-deleted. It just disappears from the main discussion tab.


Yyyeah. Well, that is very discouraging, but it's good to know how the mechanics work. I was hoping I could come back to Duo forum for some multilingual help, but it looks like things have gotten a little too heated for that to work.

My post (asking for translations of 'It is our differences that make us great' could well have drawn downvotes out of political ire, let alone from spammers, I suppose; I was gambling on the idea that a majority of people interested in learning other languages/cultures wouldn't be too appalled by the idea, but that may have been too optimistic.

If you (or anyone) have any suggestions as to where else I might be able to find fluent speakers of different languages to help with the translation of a single sentence, I'd love to hear them (...before this reply gets removed too, sigh.)

In any case, thanks.


Are you sure that it posted properly and didn't get lost in the internet?

I ask because I can't find it when I search for either "our differences" AND great or "make us great" - presuming of course that the quote you have written in the comments is word for word.

Posts which have been down-voted beyond -5, and some posts (perhaps not all) which have been deleted can still be found by searching. The fact that yours does not show in a search suggests to me there was an internet failure.

A mod could (probably) tell for sure - because they can see the hidden and deleted posts anyway.


People downvote likes whores nowadays on this site. You can say and do anything perfectly and some ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ will downvote you for nothing. People are childish on here now.

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