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What happened to the reminders?

I haven't received any reminder emails ever from Duolingo. Is this feature on a hiatus at the moment?

June 27, 2012



I got them just this week immediately after signing up. I didn´t want them so I unchecked the box on the main page, down on the right. You can check it if you want reminders.


I was late starting my practice on Duolingo one day and got a reminder email so I assume if Duolingo sees you're active enough in the last 24 hours it does not send a reminder unnecessarily that same day.


Interesting, I have unchecked then rechecked it and I still haven't received an email. I've also left it checked for a while now and haven't found any emails. I did change the time to 8pm but had left it at 5pm. Nothing seems to have worked for me.


I get them every day at 5pm--and I'm here every day.


Reminders are only sent when you have been recently active.

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