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90 Day Challenge Week 11 Updates

Good evening (or good morning, wherever you are)!

This week my studying was minimal as I have been packing for school and saying my goodbyes. It's been pretty hectic. If I didn't get to answer your message in the last update, it was because of this, not because I didn't care!

Basically, this week I spent time reviewing skills, but as I said, I studied minimally. I did get to tell one of my friends what I've been learning! He grew up hearing Polish at home and can speak it, but he didn't tell me to what extent. It was cool to try to understand what he was saying and sharing what I knew. I even had him try the Duolingo Polish course to show him what I've been using!

What is your progress this week? We're quickly approaching the 3-month mark!

August 21, 2017



I learnt three new Greek skills back-to-back (Adjectives 2; Numbers; Present Passive) recently, but I have mostly just slowed down a lot.

This is still in order to memorise what I've learnt so far, because the faster I "progressed", the less vocabulary I could recognise and retain; and the less sense I was able to make of the new material because of the lack of proper familiarity of the previous work.

So for the most part lately, I have simply been keeping my skills at full strength, and repeating the three present verb skills often. Recognising which verb means what and memorising their conjugations and their patterns have been a priority.

I will have to make due with the struggle of the past tense conjugations as I continue, because I don't quite have the mental space to process that tense too. This is mainly due to the fact that I am also studying and practising hard for my French DELF exam this October.

And for some unknown reason, I felt like starting to revise some of my Portuguese knowledge (from English); and then also to casually continue my lessons in the Portuguese from French course. I really enjoy doing this!

I hope that everyone else is progressing prudently as well. We should not strive to progress for the sake of progression, but to actually learn profoundly and be able to put our knowledge into action!



wow you are learning many languages!

What I like about my Memrise DuoLingo Portuguese BR course (by MartinPen) is, that levels show verbs quite often in their infinitive base form, if you are practicing those three present verb skills on Duo.

There are also a few DuoLingo (infinitive) skills where you are going to learn that, but only for a limited number of verbs (contained in those rare skills), but normally DuoLingo excercises heavily just focus on using verbs in their final person conjugated forms (or adding past / future changes / endings (what is this called?) as you pointed out).
That makes it even more difficult to remember all the verbs.
I re-learned (6 flower planting steps instead of 1) once or twice a ~70 words level in a single session either from verbs, adjectives or adverbs (I can not remember which one) which I had completed earlier on Duo.
And I still had difficult times to be successful in the early reviews the first days / weeks.... .
I definitely know how it feels if you try to review either on Duo or Memrise with L1 or L2 translations and you simply can not manage to RECALL the L2 word...or you can recall on the "other portal", but not remember anymore Duo's L2 target language word in a strengthen excercise for the (simpler) English translation ;)

So the mixing of both worlds - in combination with a real effective spaced repetition (SR) algorithm, which also concentrates on short-term 4-5/12/24h reviews of newly learned words is IMHO the key to overall success.

I am using the DuoLingo (web) user script "Duo skill strength viewer" and Camilo's user script "Duo tree enhancer" by the way.

Usually I do not try to learn too many words per day/week....the review backlog queue would just kill me...making too many review errors would just bring those words back too early.

Usually I do not exceed the 15(-30) words learning goal.
Luckily not all levels have 70 words...and there is no rule to have to learn a full level (skill) in one day ;)
The good thing about Memrise web is the L2 Portuguese typing I have to do (and the elimination of audio only, tapping, multiple-choice excercises with Cooljingle's user scripts, e.g "all typing").
So this IMHO complements well with Duo's reverse tree courses philosophy (L2 target language-L1 source/base native language), where I still have to strongly focus on the normal/forward EN-PT tree.

Have you tried to find a DuoLingo course for Greek on Memrise?

Well, of course I do not want that Angela kicks you out of her 90 day "Duo only" challenge, if you try to learn Greek just on DuoLingo and are not allowed to use any further material.
Do you?


Portuguese from French? That's cool! I wanted to try doing that tree since I completed the Portuguese from Spanish tree a while back. It's always good to review languages we studied a while ago (:

It's great that you realized your need to slow down early on. Like I've said, I kind of wish that I would have slowed down because I've had similar issues to you with retention and understanding concepts. It's easy to get wrapped into completing the tree rather than learning for the sake of learning. Good luck with your DELF exam!

P.S. No one is getting kicked out of the challenge! haha I am glad people have been learning so much and encouraging each other!


Hi :) This week I was mainly doing repetirions. I wanted to golden some skills. So I didn't learn much new.


Hey (: I want to work on keeping my skills gold as well! It's always good to review!


I forgot to add that I'll be eager to join next challenge like this ;)


Could I ask what this challenge is? It sounds interesting and a good way to keep tabs on your practicing.


The link sylwuskak responded with explains the challenge if you would like a detailed explanation (: The short version is basically that I was curious to see how much a person could learn from only using Duolingo, so I challenged myself and others to try to see how much they could learn in 90 days. There have been a variety of languages, as well as people who use more than just Duolingo. It has definitely kept people on their toes and motivated to continue learning more!

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