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Duolingo Plus on iOS

Hi, I wanted to say congrats on the recent update and new developments in Duolingo. You guys are doing really great work, so thank you! I have to admit, I just signed up for Duolingo Plus for $9.99/month to be able to download the lessons and I can't figure out where the lessons go after I download them. I mostly use DL on my iPhone and can see how to download a lesson, but once the check mark appears after downloading I can't find where the downloaded lesson is on my phone. Can you help?

August 21, 2017



Have you tried going into Airplane Mode, just to see if those skills remain enabled?

If they do, then you should be able to access normally.


Yep, that worked! Thank you for clarifying! I had a completely different idea about what they meant by being able to download lessons to use offline. I thought that meant that somehow they would be available locally on my phone, but given that DL requires an internet connection to work that totally makes sense that what they meant was to be available when you did not have access to an internet connection.

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