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Strengthening Problem

Has anyone else noticed that when you go to strengthen a particular skill, it doesn't always give you the strength you've earned? It's really kind of maddening to me, because I've been trying to strengthen all my Spanish skills to the fullest extent, and it only sporadically gives me what I've earned. I know it has nothing to do how many hearts I have at the end, because on several occasions I've finished with three hearts and my strength is that area still doesn't improve.

Duolingo is awesome by the way, I really don't mean to complain! But I am curious as to what might be happening.

March 29, 2014



Thanks, adm1825- You're not complaining! We happen to be looking into a skill strength issue right now. Sorry for the confusion here. In the meantime, don't go mad :)


Thanks kristinemc! Wow, I didn't expect an admin to respond! Thank you SO much for this site and for the work you're doing. It is amazing!


Yeah I have the same problem. Certain lessons at certain times will allow me to strengthen but others where nothing will happen.


Same issue here. I also have times where I will spend hours trying to strengthen all my bars only to find the next morning that I have to do it all over again.


I have studied the Italian strengthen basics 1 for 37 days straight, I know it all by heart now. Is there basics 2? Thanks.

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