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De vs Des/Un/Du/De la (Tip 2)

Continuing the topic about Des vs De, another common mistake I use to make on Duolingo was choosing the wrong type of article in a sentence.

Sometimes i was sure that i chose the right one but then i loose one heart.

After a little research, i realize that in negative sentences, the articles << Des, Un, Du, De la > becomes << De > except when using the verb << être >

For example:

  • Je bois du vin.
  • Je ne bois pas de vin (negative).


  • C'est de la viande.
  • Ce n'est pas de la viande (negative - être).

Source: French.about
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March 29, 2014



nicely and easily little grammatical nightmare resolved : ) Thank you


you will also find more at http://www.frenchspanishonline.com/magazine/de-du-de-la-des-in-french/, please tell me if it is useful.


Thank you. It is fine, contains all cases , has both quizes and video.


Yes this was very helpful, thank you!

[deactivated user]

    "J'aime le jus de raisin. "https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13931901 Why is it wrong to say: J'aime le jus du raisin?


    because DE is raisin in general, to be more specific you could say J'aime le jus du raisin qui est sur la table (here it is not any jus de raisin but just the one on the table, so you can use du (de+le))

    [deactivated user]

      Il cuisine du poisson et de la viande — He cooks fish & meat. 1-Du poisson can also sound general. (He cooks any/all fish) 2-Is du poisson specifically referring to the fish that he cooks?



      j'aime le jus de raisin, tells what kind of juice i.e. description: use de

      j'aime le jus du raisin, the juice belongs to the grape i.e. possession: use du

      See: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/de-vs-du-de-la-des-description/

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks for the link, it is very helpful. There is a lot to know about this small word.


        yes indeed, it seems to be a whole science by itself

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