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Skills aren't strengthening

Just recently this thing started where I'll go in to strengthen a skill that's at 4/5 and I'll successfully complete the lesson and it will show me the exp. and possibly tell me that I got a lingot but then the usual "You strengthened X skill" animation doesn't happen and I have to redo the lesson several times before it acknowledges that I've strengthened the lesson. Any reason?

March 29, 2014



We're aware of the issue and looking into it on our side! Sorry for the confusion here.


That's the exact same problem I'm having! See my previous post in the troubleshooting forum.

Must be some kind of glitch in the system.


I sem to be stuck having to do and redo a lesson several times. I don't know what's expected before I can move on and try something new. That's why I've stopped learning for over a week now. I guess I've stagnated?

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