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  5. "If they allow then I return."

"If they allow then I return."

Translation:Nếu họ cho phép thì tôi trở về.

August 21, 2017

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Seems like a strange translation without "it" after "allow". Either archaic or foreign... ("If the gods allow, then I return"?? LOL). Perhaps: "If they allow it, then I return." Regardless, it would be a very specific situation in which someone would use this sentence, I'm wondering how common it is in Vietnamese? As it is, it seems to be suggesting that I return generally, something like a prisoner or child would say, meaning everyday or on a consistent basis (whenever they go out) they return somewhere without hesitation. "I come here everyday but it depends on my parents. If they allow [it] then I return."

Is this what the sentence means in Vietnamese or is it more like a present tense verb referring to the future plans (e.g. If they allow it, I'm going to return)? Clarification would be appreciated! :)

Or rather, is it more akin to the meaning of this sentence using "when" instead: When they allow, I return. Really curious how this would apply in Vietnamese conversation.

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