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"Io sono figlio dei miei genitori."

March 10, 2013



When converting "I am the son of my parents" to Italian, I would put it as "Io sono il figlio dei miei genitori". Is the 'il' generally understood?

Slightly confused. Help?


Can you tell "I am son of my parents" in English?

In Italian we can say both, but if you say "io sono IL figlio dei miei genitori" it would mean they have no other son. Would it be the same for English? In such case it would be better to adjust the text. If not, both sentences can translate the English.


Just to clarify, the 'il' gives a sense that 'I am the one and only son of my parents'. But in Italian, it is acceptable to speak without the 'il'.

Thank you for your time!


"I am son of my parents" is not commonly spoken, but as far as I know it's perfectly acceptable. The meanings are the same.

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