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"Love you boisterously, love you passionately, love you effusively!"

Translation:Yêu em rộn ràng, yêu em nồng nàn, yêu em chứa chan!

August 21, 2017



This s actually a song's lyric.


The song is và tôi cũng yêu em


Elsewhere the system insists on translating "chứa chan" as "suffusive" - a word so rare that Chrome thinks it's a spelling error.


Why is bạn wrong hêre


given everyone has learned you = bạn, I'll add it to the database. but note that it is not natural for a VNmese to say it using that pronoun. bạn is actually very distant, not used in a parent-child (or any family member), lovers, boss-employee, etc. relationships:

  • a dad would call himself "bố" (or "ba", "cha", "tía", etc.) and address his child as "con". on the contrary, the child would call himself "con" and his dad "bố" (or an equivalent).
  • in a romantic relationship, the guy would call himself "anh" and his lover "em", regardless his age in comparison to hers; the girl would call herself "em" and her lover "anh".

[edit: you probably made another error because "bạn" was already accepted.]


Thanks for all you wonderful work


So cool, i learnt this song to practice and i sing it all the time


Duolingo is making me to realize that my english is not that good after all. I still have lots of words to learn.

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