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Assigning Skills

I assigned a skill for the first time today, but many/most of my students had to start over from the beginning because of needing to strengthen skills. I wish I could assign a skill that would NOT require students to redo levels in order to do that skill. These skills are NOT necessarily consecutive. They should be able to be assigned as a stand alone assignment. I will not be using this feature again. It's a disappointment.

August 21, 2017



They should only need to complete skills to advance. Strengthening should be optional


A student does not have to strenghen previous skills in order to start an unlocked new skill.

However, if the teacher assigns a locked skill, the student has to test out his knowledge of all the previous skills.
- "How can I skip the basics?"

Each new skill will use the knowledge learned in the previous skills.
In my experience, this is a good educational feature of Duolingo.

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