"It is not good to sniff food"

Translation:Si vizuri kunusa chakula

August 21, 2017

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    When was "sniff" introduced


    What on Earth does this sentence mean? It sounds so funny to my Spanish ears


    In Tanzanian culture it is rude to sniff your food. It implies that you think something is wrong with it.


    Wow, that's very interesting to me. Thank you for the explanation across different cultures. I love to smell my food, mainly food I've never eaten. I know precisely how well I will enjoy it by what's in it. :)


    Should "Kunusa chakula si vizuri" be accepted?


    Why is it vizuri?


    The vi- form is used to create adverbs from a lot of adjectives. Vizuri can be the equivalent of "well", as in Wewe huimba vizuri (You sing well)

    As for why it's in this sentence, I believe it's because the sentence essentially doesn't have a subject (ie. there's no word equivalent to "it"), so the adverb form is used as the adjective has no noun or pronoun to agree with.

    You could also put the infinitive/gerund phrase first, in which case -zuri will agree with it:

    Kunusa chakula si kuzuri. (Sniffing food is not good.)


    Does kunusa come from uso? (or vice versa)


    I put vyakula instead of chakula and got it wrong. Couldn't it be either word?

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