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French club with prizes!


I've just created a French club. The requiments are: level 5 on French course and 7 day streak.

The prize consists in three gems for the winner of weekly leadboard. When the club will expand, I'm going to increase the number of gems and the number of winners.

The club also has a Discord server where we can talk each other in French. This helps us a lot in the process of learning.

If you enjoy this project, share it to your friends and help this club to offer the best learning on Duolingo!

The password: PSTQFW The link for Discord server: https://discord.gg/XnhZNuU


August 21, 2017



Est-ce qu'une personne native de France peut rejoindre le club pour vous aider à parler français? Et est-ce que le site est sécurisé?


Yes, of course! Bienvenue!


Comment puis-je me joindre, je ne vois rien que je peux utiliser pour joindre?


The clubs on Duolingo are only on mobile application. You have to install the application on your smartphone, then use the invitation code above to register in my club. You can search on web how the club's are working.


Hello, if you lose your 7+ day streak do you get kicked out of the club, or do you just have to have the streak at one time to join the club? Sometimes I lose my streak... always for a good reason! Will I be dumped from the club?


After you enter the club, you must do at least 100 XP/week.


Can I join? I'm bad at keeping streaks but have alot of xp


The politic of this club is to learn every day. I am really sorry, but I do not think you can join this. If you can change your mentality and do 30-50 XP per day, I will be really proud to have you in my club.


Once I could earn 250 XP a day! I might join for motivation, but the idea of lingots...

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