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I am looking for a native Spanish speaker to practice Spanish and English on What'sapp or Skype

Are you a native spanish speaker and do you want to practice your english? Maybe we can practice a few minutes a day on Skype or What'sapp!

Let me know :)

August 21, 2017

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Hi, I'm a native Spanish speaker, and I would love to practice my English with ypu, and obviously help you to improve your spanish. You can find me on Skype with my email olgahincapie201@gmail.com


I have added you on skype! :)


Hello, I am native spanish, we can help ourselves. I am from Colombia


Nice, I love Colombia!! What is your skype?


Hello my skype is jherrera284


Whats up bro, i would like practice with u, here is my skype: aldo.fabrizio.baez.mendez@hotmail.com


Hi!! could you give me your number so I can send you a message? I'm a native spanish speaker :)

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