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Are there any other good websites for learning a language?

I love Duolingo, I really do, but this site doesn't have all the languages I want to learn, so I use this one for Spanish, can anyone name a list of websites I can learn from? Thanks!!

August 21, 2017



The mobile DuoLingo has Japanese.


Thanks, but, I do not have a phone.. But thanks anyway for your help!! :D


With the disclaimer that I've not used these sites myself BUT I saved the links because they were recommended, so someone liked them...

http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ I've seen this linked to a LOT. People seem to love it!
http://el.minoh.osaka-u.ac.jp/flc/index.html - this is learning other languages from Japanese, but may be helpful at some point...

These are all the links I've amassed that I can currently find!


What do you want to learn?


I want to learn Japanese


Anki is a really good one


I'll try that one too!! ;D


here are a bunch of resources as well for Japanese: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/JapaneseResources


I would highly recommend Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Grammar for studying Japanese ( it's what I use as my primary source for learning Japanese ). Here's a link to the website.



You can also learn Japanese on the mobile version of Duolingo. Of course DL isn't very extensive, but it will compliment your other resources and give you a basis for the language.


It kinda depends on what language you want to learn


quizlet is pretty good for practicing, but not learning. So that could be helpful.


Thanks I'll try that!!


No problem, But one thing that is not good is, you have to make your own vocabulary


Hi there!

Phew, this is gonna be a long post, so bear with me!

Personally I use many types of websites and apps for learning languages. Other than Duolingo, I use Rosetta Stone, which you pay for, and Babbel, which you can get a free trial for. A website i also use is called Digital Dialects. The amount of information you get on a certain language is based on how popular that language is. For example, Spanish has more categories to learn from then Cherokee. However, they have many languages to choose from. I also suggest Memrise, which has thousands of courses, and HiNative, where you can ask questions and talk to others in a different language and help others learning yours. The Foreign Services Institute also has great courses, and so does FluentU, Innovative Language and many more like that. If you would prefer to learn a language through song lyrics, i love Lyrics Training and Streema helps you learn through TV shows and movies. If I have failed to mention any other websites or apps, here is a link i found that explains in detail 52 language learning websites for you to choose from.


Hope this helped! Let me know if i missed anything! -Carson


Also, I see that you study Japanese. I use Nihongo Shark and many videos on YouTube that can help ^_^


Thank you too all of you guys!! :D


Thank you your gonna be big help to me with that list!!


What do you think of Rosetta Stone? I have heard mixed reviews, and I was wondering how good it is for language learning.


Well, i have the Korean Rosetta Stone course for desktop, and i gotta say that that has worked for me very well since i got it. There are speaking, reading and listening exercises, but since Korean isn't as popular as Spanish or French, I'm sure those courses offer more. Now, I am quite undecided as to if it was worth my money, but I know that it has helped a lot, so if you are willing to spend the money, I recommend it! :)


Sure!! I think you were the best help of all!! Good luck to your language learning!! :D


Thank you! I really appreciate it! :)


Now to announce the websites that helped me!! Memrise, Mondly, Quizlet, Digital Dialects, And Nihongo Shark!! Thank you all for your help!! :D


Thanks for the heads up, these sites should come in handy..


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