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Almost at 300 days

It has taken awhile, but I am almost at a 300 day streak! My goal has always been 365 days and I hope to get there! All my friends quit Duolingo shortly after they started. Not long ago shatterdstar quit because she lost her 210 day streak. Next month or in a couple of months I will do an XP contest so if you like that kind of thing make sure to be watching out that. If any of you have your own goal that you'd like to share feel free to share them in the comments. Duolingo is very useful if you want to learn a language and I hope you all learn a new language or can at least write it or even just reading or anything. Remember that learning a language should come before your streak. Thank you to anyone that helped me in past discussions! Or in this one too!

August 21, 2017



Awesome milestone! Keep it up! ;) Here's a lingot!


Woah~ Congrats! ☺


You're starting your own streak!


I love your attitude! I had a 341 day streak and then forgot to do 1 of my 2 lessons for the day so lost my streak. I'm back up to a 156 day streak.

My goal is to learn enough French to be able to understand what is said to me at the grocery store, market, liquor store or restaurant, when we visit our family in Montreal. It is also fun to have simple conversations with my 5 year old Montreal granddaughter.

I'm definitely not fluent but my reading comprehension is getting better so I'm happy. Growing the streak is fun but improving my comprehension and being able to have simple conversations is very satisfying


157 is long enough! At least you can say you once had a 341 day streak!


Almost a year on Duolingo ....... Vas bien


How did you do that??? That's awesome!


It is actually for school.


Well, you've done a very good job, here are three lingots!


Thanks! You have a way bigger streak than me!


Awesome! Im starting my own streak as well. Here's a lingot for your hard work


Your almost at 10 days! Keep up the good effort!


Good Job! I've lost a couple streaks.. its sad, but as you said its about learning a language.. XP Contests always make me more enthusiastic! I'm looking forward to yours.
Keep on Keeping ON! A very remarkable milestone in improving yourself!.


Nice, you reach your 300 streak tomorrow :)


and to you w1ndh0ek, you just Keep it up!!


Thanks, I'll get there someday :D


Nice streak sharon822547!!


Congrats, I'm also on the way!


Yeah! You'll soon be at 300 before you know it!


Keep up the good work!

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