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Sich, dich and mich

I was just wondering on these words in a very specific sentence. Can you put these words anywhere that something's doing something to itself, eg. Ich esse mich, I eat myself. Du möchtest dich, You want yourself. Sie sehen sich, They're seeing themselves. Plz explain

August 21, 2017



Sure you can, here are some sentences I've seen that do just that :

  • Er sorgt sich : He worries / cares
  • Es bewegt sich : It moves ( on its own )
  • Er wäscht sich : He washes himself.


Are these sentences complete? 'Ich esse mich' is very strange but 'ich esse mich satt' means: I eat my fill. 'Du möchtest dich in Deutsch verbessern' means about: "You want to improve speaking German" 'Sie sehen sich im Spiegel' is: They'r seeing themselves in the mirror.


They're not meant to make sense I was just making up sentances but it's meant to be. 'He eats himself' as in he really is like just eating his arm. And 'Du möchtest dich' He really wants himself. Do they make grammatical sense not logical sense

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