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Should I learn Turkish?

I think I should, because my dad's side of the family is Turkish, and it seems to be the second most high language in people learning it on duolingo. (English first), but should I?

August 21, 2017



It's not as popular as you say, you can see on the course page how they're ranked. But popularity shouldn't be a determiner! I say if you're interested in it, go for it! I'm learning a little at the moment and it's a very interesting language, and if there are family reasons, I'd say that's a good reason (I have similar reasons for the languages I'm focusing more on)! Good luck if you decide to go ahead with it, and with your French too!


Name the reasons why you want to learn Turkish and the reasons you don't, or just learn the language for your family, it can be fun too!! :D


It has about 80 million speakers. (I'm one of them.) If you just want to learn it, then good luck!


Turkish is not just talking in the Turkey. Turkish has 300 million speaker. But western minded people cannot see it.


I know, but even we native Turkey Turkish speakers only can understand Azeri, Turkmen or maybe Uzbek Turkishes, we cannot understand Gagavuz,Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uighur etc. We even cannot understand some words in Azeri or Turkmen. Also it is not something like I am western minded.


Spanish is actually second with the amount of learners, but you should learn Turkish! It's very unique, and to me it is fun!

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