"Suruali nzuri"

Translation:Nice trousers

August 22, 2017

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"Nice trousers" or "A nice pair of trousers" would be more natural translations into English.


What I would like is a dictionary that tells me the class of nouns. That would help me know which possessive I should be using!


Also if you haven't already, google the PDF for Mwanasimba. I used that instruction before, during, and even after all my swahili courses. I believe they have a chapter entirely about possessives and another about rules for noun classes.

Most "types" of nouns/objects/ideas will fall into similar noun classes based off of their "type". Mwanasimba should explain all that

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    "A nice pair of pants" and "A nice pair of trousers" should both be accepted. Reported (to the extent possible.)

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