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Reporting users

I know you could do this if necessary at one point, but is there a way to report users now? There is user who recently "followed" me, but I do not trust their intents based on their profile. I know I can block them, but is there anything else? Some fairly young kids use Duolingo and don't need this person attempting to follow them.

August 22, 2017



You can report it as abusive behavior if their profile is truly disturbing or alarming:

Screenshots would be helpful.


Try submitting a bug report; for the part where you have to choose a specific type of issue, there should be an option labeled "Report abuse".

For evidence, I would recommend attaching a screenshot (it would make it easier).


We are also collecting a report at the moment on quite a number of accounts that we have considerable concerns about, along the lines you are indicating here.
Please have patience with us as we seek to also apply a more though coverage of this issue than dealing with one issue at a time.

However to ensure that the account you have concerns about is in this list under review, please also follow the advice in the link provided by Lrtward, on how to report abuse.

Thank you also for naming the account here - as that would be an issue of harassment of that account, as we refer to it as a "public call out", which can also often encourage others to do inappropriate things, and also can give what is perceived as a reward to the person behind the account doing the inappropriate activity.

We take issues of safety very seriously here, and also seek to maintain the focus of the community on language learning. Thank you for being part of enabling this to occur.


Also to give you an update, that I have been able to follow through on your block list, and your report and can assure you that the account that you have expressed concern about is in the list under review.


Thank you very much. I really don't understand why people join sites like this just to do that, but I appreciate you and the rest of Duo's team for your efforts.

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