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Switching to Traditional Chinese is no longer an option.

I've been using Duolingo with my classes in Taiwan for quite a while and recently noticed the absence of the simplified to traditional switch button. In case I missed it and it's hidden somewhere, could someone direct me to the right place? Thank you in advance.

August 22, 2017



I haven't been able to find it either. I assume that Duolingo intends to add it back, as all my Chinese course icons still display the ROC flag, so the setting is clearly still there.
In the meantime, you could use an addon like tong wen to convert the character set of questions.


This is super disappointing. It was working great! If it isn't broke....duolingo..will break it?


Hey if you want to use traditional here you go: this Chrome Extension seamlessly enables you to switch them off and on.



Just out of curiosity, is this regarding courses for Speakers of Chinese learning other languages?


There are no courses to Chinese, only from.

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