"The artist sells his sculpture."

Translation:Der Künstler verkauft seine Plastik.

August 22, 2017

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For clarification: die Plastik is sculpture, das Plastik is plastic.


Thank you, I knew Plastic as polymer, but this "die-das" difference helps a lot.


I've never heard "Plastik" used for "sculpture". Is this a mistake of DL?


    No, it's correct.


    "Plastik" is a valid word in this context. see here: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Plastik_Skulptur_Anschaulichkeit
    But I would more likely use other words anyways.
    Like, well, "Skulptur"...., or "Figur" or more general "Werk"


    I've read all comments. Even though it is correct connected with art, it is unusual for a normal German to say it in this way. The majority of Germans would say 'Skulptur' instead of 'Plastik'. If you tell that sentence to a normal German, who probably didn't study art, he will in normal case think of normal plastic (Plastik) instead of a sculpture. So even though it is correct, it's unwise to use it while talking to normal people, who are not affiliated with art.


    "Plastik" is a kind of material. There are artists who make sculptures from wood or metal, or stone. Are they all called "Plastik"? The english word: "sculpture", comes from the verb: "to sculp", something like "basteln". But what is the german name of the product of "basteln"? Eine Plastik?


    I've lived in Germany for over 20 years and the german for sculpture is not Plastik!!!


    It is a valid translation for sculpture, even if you have not heard it.


    You have to wonder why Duolingo is making us drill this word over and over when it is rarely used in this context. It doesn't have the same article as actual plastic (like a plastic bottle) and thus feels like a waste of time.


    Literally no one in Germany refers to sculpture as "Plastik"


    You are literally wrong.


    Ok, I admit, the 0.0001% of german people with an arts degree do. And even they say "Skulptur".


    What's wrong with "Bildhauerei"


    Bildhauerei is more commonly used to refer to the activity rather than the actual piece or artwork. Of course, you haven't provided your entire answer, so the problem might not be with Bildhauerei but rather with the inflection of the pronoun.


    shouldn't seine be sein (since it is akkusativ and is modifying neuter)


    But it's not modifying a neuter noun; it's modifying a feminine noun, die Plastik, meaning "sculpture". The neuter noun, das Plastik, is the material. See Wiktionary, et al.

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