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  5. "I have yet to test that."

"I have yet to test that."

Translation:Das muss ich noch prüfen.

March 10, 2013



I don't think the currently accepted translation fits at all.

"I have yet to test X" basically only says that I have not yet tested X. It does not explicitly mean that I will test X in the future; at most it implies some interested on my part in testing X.

"Das werde ich noch testen" does the opposite: It says nothing about whether I have tested X in the past, but does explicitly state my intention to test X in the future.


The English sentence is virtually void of commitment. 'Ich muss' and 'ich werde' seem rather determinate in comparison. Wouldn't 'Ich habe es noch nie geprüft' be closer in meaning? (Maybe throw a 'mal' somwhere in there...)


Could "das muss ich noch pruefen" be correct?


and what about ich muss das noch prüfen?


That's fine as well.


Really? Doesn't that mean that "I still need to test that?"

In English, "I still need to test that" and "I have yet to test that" are not equivalent.


Doesn't "Das werde ich noch testen" mean "I will still test that"? which is not the same as "I haven't tested that yet"


So, "prüfen" and "testen" are the same thing?


kann ausprobieren statt prüfen auch?


Kann man ausprobieren statt prüfen auch sagen?

  • ausprobieren is more like 'I try it', or when a child tests something.


Is it also correct " Ich habe noch das zu prüfen". I will appreciate your help. ^^


"Ich habe das noch zu prüfen." yes, that should be correct, too.

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