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  5. "Không ai làm việc chủ nhật."

"Không ai làm việc chủ nhật."

Translation:Nobody works on Sunday.

August 22, 2017



"Chủ nhật" (or Chúa Nhật) literally means "the day of god".

"Chủ 主": lord, god, boss, main "Nhật 日": day, the Sun

A lot of Vietnamese people still misunderstand this. As a catholic, we call God is "Chúa". "Chủ 主" is also the Sino-Vietnamese word for God, but few people know this. We (catholic people) call this day "CHÚA NHẬT"(the day of God), though "CHỦ NHẬT" also means "the day of God", few people know that "chủ" is "chúa". Some people thought that chủ nhật is "the main day" or "the day that we (people) who are the boss".


chủ = lord
nhật = sun
chủ nhật = Sunday
It seems that this was translated from the English term.


Maybe it should have preposition before chu nhat, like "vao" or "ngay"

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