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Starting and ending

I'm going to start learning German on Duolingo but I want to stop learning French. Is it possible to stop a language at duo?

August 22, 2017



You just stop doing lessons in the language. You can also delete a language in your profile.


+1 for the right answer and +1000000 for having Richard Feynman's picture on your profile :D


+1 Lingot for recognizing Feynman when you see him!


Great guys.... Now I HAVE to google Richard Feynman! ***Oh yeah ....never mind we were discussing his subatomic particles diagrams just the other day at breakfast.


Here is an explanation of how to change courses, and with links to other information as well.

Including how to remove courses, how to stop learning a language on Duo.



go to your profile select languages and click on the bottom of the languages delete language be careful though if you lose it your data will go forever.


Okay, I think I might not delete it after all, but thanks for all the help!


It is a wise person who also knows when it is wise to change a decision, and is bold enough to own it and do so.

Wishing you all the best with your language learning journey, for in you I see greatness.


I do not see how you lose your data.
You will "clear your tree" if you wish to, which means you get to start going through your tree again.
Having a "golden" tree is not where your knowledge sits.

It is what is in your brain where you want your language knowledge to sit.
Attaining and then more importantly maintaining a golden tree is one vehicle you can use to help get the knowledge into your brain, so that it moves from your conscious part of thinking, to your unconscious part. So that you can talk in a language.
People who are able to talk in a language have studied it enough to get it over the threshold of consciously understanding a language, such that it has become part of their unconscious mind. So that they are able to hold a conversation - to listen as well as to speak - with their conscious mind, while it is their unconscious mind that works out how to do all this.

There is some fascinating information out there about how all this works.

So - it is quite fine to clear / delete a language in Duolingo.

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