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Trinke, Trinkst, Trinken and Trinkt

I'm getting confused when to use Trinke, Trinken, Trinken and Trinkt... Can anyone help me? Danke!

August 22, 2017



English person, ending, German example

I, -e, ich trinke

you (singular informal),-st, du trinkst

he/she/it, -t, er/sie/es trinkt

we, -en, wir trinken

you (plural informal), -t, ihr trinkt

you (formal) ,

they , -en, Sie trinken


Trinke - Ich trinke ( I drink ) Trinkst - Du trinkst ( You drink ) Trinken - Sie/Wir trinken ( They/We drink ) Trinkt - sie/er/es trinkt ( she/he/it ) drinks

Hope that helps!


You certainly are confused. In the body of your post you have two Trinkens but only one in the title :-/

Sorry I cannot help you though as I don't know any German, but if you moced the post to the German forum you may get more response.


German has conjugation. English has it too, but the only differences are the 3rd person sing. pronouns, eg. I drink vs he/she/it drinks.

Trinken = To drink

Ich trinke = I drink

Du trinkst = You (informal) drink

Es/sie/er trinkt = He/she/it drinks

Wir Trinken = We drink

Ihr trinkt = You (plural) drink

sie/Sie trinken = They/you (formal) drink


This helps alot thanks everyone

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