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Has the launch of the Czech course really been put back SEVEN years?

August 22, 2017



Actually, they just put an update saying they put that date to be funny and basically say they have no clue when Duolingo will release their course. Mostly because they do seem to be mostly finished with the course, but Duolingo hasn't released their course over the past few months or so, for who knows what reason. So that's why they put that date, to funnily say, "we have no clue when Duolingo will let this course out :)"


Yes, evidently, someone broke a mirror, and some people suddenly stopped reading the long, detailed updates that explain the prospective time-frame of the course's release and to what extent it was within the control of the Czech team.
Oh well, best come back in seven years. After all, it's a scientifically-proven fact that incubator release dates are transcendental mathematical truths and that all Czechs entirely lack all sense of humour.


It's marking the next sighting for a sloar eclipse so Its more than likely just a joke :)


It's the day of the next eclipse so probably just a joke.


No, most probably 2 years ago, cuz when I was cheking out the courses, I saw Czech course for the first time back then. However, hatching could be started earlier.


I want to speak Czech !... Please...! =- )

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