"Noi avem un rege tânăr și înalt."

Translation:We have a young and tall king.

August 22, 2017

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"We have a young, tall king." We wouldn't use "and" in English except for special emphasis. (Better: "We have a tall, young king.")


English has a specific order of adjectives, and generally "and" is only used between adjectives of similar quality. The natural translation here would be:

"We have a tall young king"

Refused and reported.


"We have a king, young and tall." Perfect English, perfect translation, yet wrong according to you. This sentence is not complex and you are wrong to think that there is one and only one translation possible in English: ALL of these are correct: We have a king who is young and tall. We have a young, tall king. We have a young and tall king. We have a king, young and tall.

Of all these, yours [the third] is the least idiomatic in English.

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