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How do I make the practice harder?

I have been using Duolingo for a while now and when I stop using for a while and then go back to the practice, it almost resets its self. So I am stuck practicing words like Bonjour etc, which is a complete waste of time for me. Ideally I would like to leave duolingo for a while and then when I decide to use the practice function I would like it to be a lot harder. Any suggestions?

August 22, 2017



Select the individual skill and practice there. If you practice the whole tree, then of course, you would practice basic stuff first.

BTW, do you have to stop for a while? With languages, it's important to practice everyday. Not a good idea to leave it for a while and come back.


First, you don't need to redo the first chapters, you can choose any chapter manually to practice it.

Then, you can do other things than Duolingo, that's how you will make progress. Duolingo is a first step, to acquire the basics required to follow content in the wild.

What I always advise is to go to Youtube and use the subtitle filter to find videos with subtitles. And watch a lot of them. Documentaries are easy to understand because the context is obvious with the pictures. Otherwise, you can use content that you already understand well, like sports/video games/politics and so on, when you know what the speaker is likely to tell, it's much easier to understand what he says.

Listening to hours and hours of French people speaking will make you learn a lot even if you don't understand the words.

Here is a brilliant video that will make you understand how learning works. Learning piano is just like learning a language. First, you painfully play note by note. Then, you play groups of two notes, then you play a group of notes, then a full sentence and then a full piece.

Learning a language is the same, you first learn the basic sounds, then the basic groups of sounds, then the basic word roots and then the basic roots combinations and eventually you understand all rare complex words even if you hear them for the first time.

By listening to a lot of French when you don't understand the words, you will learn the melody of the language, the sounds and the groups of sounds. And then, when you try to understand words, you will find it soooo much easier.

When you try to learn words from scratch, it's extremely hard, because you need to learn the building blocks of words at the same time as you learn the word. Learning a single word is really hard.

But if you first learn the building blocks, learning the words will then be much easier. By watching hours and hours of Youtube videos in French even you don't understand, you will learn the building blocks of the language and everything will become so much simpler then.


... I am stuck practicing words like Bonjour etc, which is a complete waste of time for me ....

Take a "placement test" for

  • the "reverse tree", the course "English for French speakers".
    Then you can skip the basics and you can continue exercising the more difficult skills.
    There will be more translating from English to French.
    Try to read (and write) in the French discussion forums. There you will find the more daily used words, sentences and idioms.

  • the "laddering trees", the courses "Spanish for French speakers" and "French for Spanish speakers".

  • More about skipping the basics:


strenghten... But not just normallly! Buy at the lingot store that you have a timed practice which makes duolingo hard and fustrating but pretty cool!


just do a placemant test that should work...


Timed practice. Manual area practices as well. as marcuo1 mentioned.


no one wants to practice ni hao 40,000 times dude

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