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  5. "O amor acontece."

"O amor acontece."

Translation:Love happens.

March 10, 2013



Would "merda acontece" be correct too?


hahaha.....yep.....but many like to say it in English, because it's a pun.

You could sound very Brazilian saying "às vezes dá merda mesmo", "sometimes shit happens though" (dar merda = to result in sh...)


No. It's the same with ‘a vida’ - English omits the article when talking about the general phenomenon (rather than say a specific instance) but Portuguese doesn't. This applies to other abstract concepts as well, like ‘a ciência’, ‘a história’, ‘a natureza’, ‘as pessoas’, and so on. Note that there are cases where these don't get an article, e.g. when they are quoted in order to define them, but also commonly after ‘de’ in names, as in ‘Instituto de Ciência / História / Natureza’. Other cases where Portuguese uses a definite article where English omits it include institutions and proper names.


Thanks. It helped a lot. ;)

[deactivated user]

    Do BR/PT people suddenly say O amor acontece ?


    Love takes Place was wrong . Do you agree ?


    It sounds strange that this verb can be conjugated, like: I happen, you happen, he/she happens, etc... :D Can someone provide examples?

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