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does hovering to much on the words mean that your bars are gold for a shorter time?

August 22, 2017



If you have to hover over a word then the strength of that word is weakened a little so if you hover too much the skill will weaken quicker and lose their goldness quicker.

There is one exception to this, when you have not seen the word before i.e. When it is highlighted in orange. These words will not be weakened.


I'm not bothered about how or why it scores me. I hover over words I know some meanings of to see if there are other interpretations which I may not know. I use this app as a teaching aid, & I'm not trying to beat myself or anyone else. I use the fluency level as a rough guide that I'm using the app enough. I'm off to Tenerife on hols next week, so I'll see how my conversational skills have improved (if at all!). I'll take my tablet & try to keep up to date at free wifi locations; ok, pubs.


I'd just like to add that I think my approach pays dividends. I've seen many unbelievable posts (not on this thread) over the past month since I've started using this app. Some 'students', who have (allegedly) answered 40,000 plus questions, eg @ level 20, don't understand month 1 basics - eg 'what is a reflexive verb ?', or ' Hasta pronto = until soon'? - that's a silly expression.'


I have heard that yes but I have never seen any conformation from Duolingo


Thanks all, I will be more careful in future

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