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Golden Finished Tree...

So I finished my tree a couple of days ago. I'm now focusing on keeping it entirely golden for a few weeks before I move on to my next german learning experience.

The bummer is... I got nothing for finishing the tree. Nothing for keeping it gold every day. No email with a little certificate, no little fireworks gifs, nothing. Sure my streak is still going and i'm accumulating xp (which tops out at level 25 I think), but I don't get lingots/crystals for doing new skills, since there aren't any skills left. It just feels a little anticlimatic. Like "whhhheeelp... done now...weeeee, I guess."

Anyone else feeling this?

August 22, 2017



you get a golden owl, no?


You mean the little owl at the bottom, yeah he's gold, but so is everything else. It's not really a completion bonus/reward.


It isn't usually there, you only get it when the tree is completed and if you click on it a certificate thingy appears


Yeah, he's been there all along, he's just been green, at least in my ios app if you pulled the screen up you'd see him. That being said, in the ios app nothing happens if you tap him.


Oh, i am using the web version


Congratulations!!!!! gratuliere!, herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!


You could do the reverse tree for German from English: English from German. It doesn't matter that you already know English; there will be more practice from the other direction and the comments are in German! Real conversations by people who already know German!


Have some recognition here:


Your achievement deserves fireworks, finishing with a goldened tree is a major feat. I am gilding my French tree and realise how difficult it is to repeat the same exercises over and over for the skills to strengthen. Often, I am left without motivation and like to end my day's practice with one xp.

Congratulations! :)

What are you going to do next? Are there other languages you'd like to learn? Will you be trying the reverse course? :)

Good luck! :D

EDIT: You've got a great streak going, congratulations on 200 days in advance! :)


I've got to keep going with German, because I live here! I'm waiting for them to start a latin course! Congrats back on your French Tree!!!


Congrats! Now have a bier (or your favorite beverage) and tell everyone you are Duo certified. :)

I'm in the same boat as you. I don't particularly feel I know everything on Duo just yet, so I keep practicing. I've also picked up some books and am trying to read and understand as much as I can, trying to gain a broader vocabulary and a better grasp of the complex grammar.

So I would recommend that you further look into:

  • Grammar drills

  • Things that will help with vocabulary (A German Word A Day newsletter or a graded reader)

  • Reverse tree on Duo itself

  • Other resources that you teach you at a level that Duo doesn't (B1 and above; could be Rosetta Stone, Memrise, Clozemaster etc.)

  • Writing your own original sentences/stories or blog posts in German

  • Watching movies or listening to the radio; reading the newspaper etc.

  • Finally, meeting with German speakers and talking to them to practice your already gained knowledge! That sure sounds like a party haha.


Wow good job! Here's a lingot! Once you've got everything golden it's always good to start learning another language if you want too!


Unfortunately I've got to keep on with German. Need to get up to at least B2 level, since I live here! I think I'm going to cheat on Duo and go to Babbel for my next level learning.




The point of doing Duolingo is not for games; it's for enriching your knowledge of the foreign language itself, and I think that's enough of a reward :)


Well done on finishing the tree, not far off to level 25. I was wondering what would happen when I reached level 25 but nothing exciting just another level reached and no more levels to aim for :-). Yes, bit of an anti-climax but I have learned heaps along away so that is the main thing.


Congratulations. Check the Web version of Duo and click on the golden Duo at the buttom, you can print the certificate and frame it. I'm afraid there is nothing more cheerful than that.

By the way, after finishing the tree did you take a course online to see what level you've gone so far? I'm half way through my tree and I hope I reach A2 or even B1, do you think it's possible?


I am A2 using Duo alone. I think it'd be a stretch to get to B1 using only Duo, as they don't really teach you grammer rules and the vocabulary is limited. My plan is to use the Babbel intermediate course next, and see where that gets me to.


may i suggest against that? i used bobble for a month last year and it's not really good, maybe a bit more advanced than Duolingo if you pay them enough but doesnt worth the time. I suggest self study books such as studio d and other desktop advance programs.

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