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  5. "Hamjala wali"

"Hamjala wali"

Translation:You have not eaten cooked rice

August 22, 2017



when it comes to eating rice, we don't need to say "cooked"


It's somewhat clumsily trying to distinguish between wali and mchele. It needs to be done somehow so people know there is a difference between the words even though they are both rice, but the execution is somewhat lacking.


a better way is to discover if we know the difference when we translate the sentence into swahili


I wrote "You plural have not eaten cooked rice" selecting from wordbank options. Answer was not accepted.


would you ever say that in English, though? That is only to tell you that it's meant as you, plural


Fair point! I was just tempted by the word plural being there as an option in the word bank. I guess you can never second guess the owl. The owl always wins!

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