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Commenting on club

I noticed today that my Spanish club had got the extra option to comment and coaching it free and open. It was a real happy surprise, as I can guide the club and motivate the members more and more. Thanks Duolingo!

I expect to give us more room there to organize contests, to group our members in group games and more, that only imagination of the club owner can restrict. It is better all activities to be organized in Duolingo space than in an external space, as it can be done easily through a link.

Clubs is a very powerful and dynamic tool that can boost language learning.

August 22, 2017



I seem to still only have the 5 or 6 set responses, do you use ios?


Same here, just a few responses, though they seem to change depending on what you're commenting on (someone let my club and there was a list of sad responses). It's kind of nice, really, reminds me of Dark Souls' soapstone responses and lessens the chance of someone being an ass.


Yes, it is new!
I have it in my clubs "Dutch for English speakers and "English for Dutch speakers".


That seems very cool, so is it entirly free commenting and what kind of phone are you using if you dont mind saying that is


It is in the Android App.
It is free commenting. Everyone in the club can see it, you can reply in every comment. However, in a full club of 15 active members, you can only see at most the comments of one day. But it is the start of a very interesting feature.


I haven't noticed anything like this in the club's I am :O

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