"This is a strange text."

Translation:C'est un texte étrange.

August 22, 2017

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What are the rules for when a noun or the related adjective should come first? It doesn't seem to be universal but I'm having trouble spotting a pattern.


Merci! Un lingot pour toi.


Here, there is no rule. It's about the definition of the adjective. étrange can go both after and before the noun, but its meaning will change accordingly.

  • un texte étrange = a strange text
  • un étrange texte = a weird text (very strange)


I'm native and I don't recall ever seeing "un étrange texte". It's, in my opinion, always "un texte étrange".

Maybe in some cases, like "C'est un étrange personnage" or "C'est un drôle de personnage", but I'm not sure why people use this order. I only hear it from kind off old people/teachers. "Quel étrange petit bonhomme que vois-tu!".

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