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Anyone know how to meet German friends online?

I am learning German through duolingo. I've heard that meeting new friends who know that language you are learning can make you improve a lot. However I do not have any ways to meet a German friend @@ Any suggestions?

August 22, 2017



Certain platforms like HelloTalk and Discord are good. Try and find some good communities where you can speak to Germans.


Thanks!! I will try them


you could use the app hellotalk if you have a phone and if not you could use the community on italki


You can also meet pen pals on penpalworld, but be cautious: I saw a guy who claimed to be 20 but was looking for girls only under 17... don't pick out pen pals like that. Basic Internet safety. That guy aside, I have a really good friend from that website. He's a bit of a language person himself. Just look for people you share interests with.

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