Giulia 1300 e altri miracoli (book)

Anyone can tell me where I can find the book "Giulia 1300 e altri miracoli" online?

August 22, 2017


No idea if you've found it already, but it seems that Amazon has it both for kindle and paperback:

September 11, 2017

oh great! i'm gonna check it now. thanks a lot!

September 13, 2017

you can try this website

August 22, 2017

Thanks for your answer, but it says that the website is malicious :(

August 22, 2017

i will search with you and if i found it i will inform you i think it will be nice book

August 23, 2017

Thanks! Yeah I think it would be a nice book, I've seen the movie inspired by the book and I liked it.

August 23, 2017

oh it sounds interesting

August 25, 2017
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