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how to make friend

i will like to make friends in doulingo it will be fun

August 22, 2017



Hello Chisom, and welcome to Duolingo! I've given you some lingots (small, reddish jewels that can be used to purchase items in the lingot store) to help you get started with your experience. A good recommendation would be to purchase a streak freeze (will keep your streak in place if you miss reaching your daily target for a day) and the timed practice (a normal review session that has a timer), both of which can be bought in Duolingo's lingot store.

To learn about the basic uses of Duolingo and its features, you might want to take into account reading the Duolingo Wiki's Getting started article, which is very detailed and thorough. Some other questions you might have can be found in Duolingo's Help Center, which explains practically everything about Duolingo.

Good luck with learning Spanish! ;D


If you have the phone app you could join a club!


hey ! i want to rejoin your club !


I dont have a club,

the word rejoin means to join again not to join for the first time
(I see you have English on your profile so I am correcting incase you didn't know, not to be rude)


Me too i want to make new relationships with new people


Cheers. You got yourself.


you are now my best friend

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