"Ninahitaji kula chakula chote"

Translation:I need to eat all the food

August 22, 2017

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Yep :) Have been starving...


Why is all of the food wrong???


It shouldn't be. This is just yet another example of the many things in this course that make no sense. It's still great overall but it's very frustrating.


The whole meal? Is that correct too?


yes, that should work as an alternate translation


Why isn't "all food" accepted?


This guy is greedy :)


What's the difference between wote and chote?


Different noun classes:

1/2 (m-wa / a-wa)
(not really used in singular: a whole person is mtu mzima)
watu wote = all (the) people

3/4 (m-mi / u-i)
mti wote = the whole tree
miti yote = all (the) trees

5/6 (ji-ma / li-ya)
eneo lote = the whole area
maeneo yote = all (the) areas

7/8 (ki-vi)
chakula chote = all (the) food
vyakula vyote = all (the) foods

9/10 (N-N / i-zi)
nyumba yote = the whole house
nyumba zote = all (the) houses

11/10 (u-N / u-zi)
wimbo wote = the whole song
nyimbo zote = all (the) songs

15 (ku- = infinitives-gerunds)
kucheka k(w)ote = all (the) laughing

16 (-ni / pa- = precise place)
mahali pote = everywhere

17 (-ni / ku- = imprecise place)
duniani k(w)ote = in the whole world, everywhere in the world

18 (-ni / m- = internal place)
chumbani mote = throughout the room (rare)

Additionally, there are first and second person forms:

(sisi) sote = we all / all of us
(n(y)inyi) nyote = you all / all of you

[Note that nyote is not simply the plural "you", the US dialectal "you all"/"y'all", but literally "you all", which is "all y'all" in those US dialects that use "you all"/"y'all" just for the plural]

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