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What counts for Assignments?

I had a student with an assignment talk to the bots, and while I can see on his activity log that he received 50+ points last night, it calls them "Practice" and they don't appear to count for his Assignment. On my page it says he still "Hasn't started yet." So what exactly will qualify for assignments? Just the lessons? What if they review lessons they've already pass? Thanks for any help!

August 22, 2017



Educators can choose if they prefer assigning an XP goal (for example, reach 100 XP by Friday) or a skill goal (reach the skill “Food” by next Tuesday)."

Duolingo Help Center "Duolingo for Schools Update: Assignments"

In my account I never saw a possibility to give an assignment for "talking to bots".


I posted this question again, practice and stories don't get reflected?

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