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Ukrainian switching to Cyrillic from Latin?

Last I checked on Ukrainian you were able to switch it from Cyrillic to Latin, in order to sound out the words, this seems no longer possible, is it a glitch, or did they remove it on purpose?

August 22, 2017



Duolingo have said that they do not plan to add back in the "Ability to toggle between Cyrillic and Roman alphabet in Russian and Ukrainian courses".

Source: [updated - see deniko's reply]


Thanks - they updated it yesterday after I had posted that. The update date is noted at the top of the page: "Last updated: August 22, 2017".

For the curious: My memory (a fallible source) tells me that the update shortened the Known Bugs section to say they are all fixed, and added strikethrough for some items which were already noted as done.

I have removed my link as it is out of date (even so soon after posting it).

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