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My sister lost her progress

Hello, My sister had completed Basics 2 and was on lesson 3 of Common Phrases, but this morning she went on and saw she had been put back to lesson 2 of Basics 2 and had not even done any lessons of Common Phrases. Please tell us what to do; she has quit as of now and will not go back on until it is fixed. Her user name is silentlily101. Thanks!

August 23, 2017



It appears this user is learning Dutch from English; this course has been updated and released to a portion of its learners for A/B testing, and they're most likely a part of the testing.

For clearer information, see the official announcement at here:


I just lost my progress in dutch. I have completed 125 lessons and I only have 52 that are complete now. Please help us!


I'm sorry to hear that and sadly I don't know what to do but if I found out how I'll tell you. oh and I'm Morita2006


I hope that you can solve it


It appears the lessons have been updated and there are now more of them. Nothing was taken from your sister, but new lessons were added, so she'll know Dutch even better when she finishes all the lessons. Tell her that she probably will not be "set back" again, and if it happens it shouldn't be long until things even out. Hope you can convince her. Dutch--that really sounds like fun!

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