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"Azoknak a postásoknak van biciklijük, akiknek nincs autójuk."

Translation:Those postal workers who do not have a car have a bicycle.

August 23, 2017



Is this order in English ok or is the given order required for some reason I don't yet comprehend? Those postmen have bicycles who don't have cars.


The word order is very awkward “who do not have a car” is a phrase describing postal workers so it should come directly after them in the sentence and not at the end


Another awkward sentence ... Needs "a" before car, though I think "bicycles" and "cars" would be better


------- the word bank is short one "a " , too , but if you put it in - in writing - duo accepts it . . .

Big 27 aug 18


The right answer is "Those postal workers who do not have a car have a bicycle." but the wordbank provides only one "a". I tried twice, once I put it before "car" and once before "bicycle" and I was marked incorrect both times. Something needs to be fixed here but I don't know what exactly to report. Please see this comment, moderators!!!

[deactivated user]

    Wow! I did not know anyone could talk that fast! I thought that was one REALLY long word!

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