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Point system is very puzzling!

For 2 days in a row, I've only gotten credit for 10 points and I've done 20, that being my goal. I don't really give a care, but some folks might and you'd better be checking your system. Love the program but the point and percentage thing it f'd up. I have been 57%, dropped to 55%, climbed to 56%, been 56% for a new days, back to 55% and then 56% again and now seem forever stuck at 55%. It's quite funny. I just keep doing the lessons because they help my other methods of learning French. Keep up the good work!

August 23, 2017



Oh I see... I am at 56% and about to complete my tree. But actually, the maximum we can get is 60%. So we are pretty close! Just need to strengthen our trees.


Oh my goodness, you know much more about this than I do! Thanks.


I recently updated Duolingo for my ipad - twice, possibly. One of the updates announced that I had completed xx number of lessons, changing the original evaluation from percentage of fluency (which I always thought was arbitrary but kind of liked in a superficially encouraging way). A few days later yet another update changed the scoring back to percentage of fluency. I was awarded yy% for a day or two and then lost a couple of percentage points 8( for no apparent reason. I've been stuck there ever since, no matter how many lessons I complete or practice. Ultimately yeah it doesn't matter, but I miss the superficial encouragements

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