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Seid, sind, and bist

This might be a simple question, but can somebody explain to me the differences between "seid", "sind", and "bist" clearly? I still cannot understand them, although I've reviewed the lessons many times. Danke!

August 23, 2017



They are all from the verb sein (to be). Unlike English, there are three ways to say "you".

Du (singular, informal)

Sie (singular/plural,formal)

Ihr (plural, informal) If you are going to talk to a single person, you can say "du bist" or "Sie sind". As for many people, you can say "ihr seid" or "Sie sind". Note that " Sie sind" is like the English "you". Meaning you can use it no matter how many people you are talking to.

Du bist langweilig. (For ONLY one person and is informal)

Sie sind langweilig. (For ANY number of people and is formal.

Ihr seid langweilig. (For ONLY several people and is informal)

Viel Glück und Spaß!


I am one person. = Ich bin eine Person.

You are one person. = Du bist eine Person.

He/she/it is one person. = Er/sie/es ist eine Person.

We are several people = Wir sind mehrere Leute.

You guys are several people = Ihr seid mehrere Leute.

They are several people = Sie sind mehrere Leute.

You, sir, are our special guest. = Sie sind unser besonderer Gast.

You all are our special guests. = Sie alle sind unsere besonderen Gäste.


Hi, have a look at this link and click on the book-icon. Maybe it helps .


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For example: I say to my father: "Du bist gesund (healthy)." I say to both of my parents: "Ihr seid gesund." The doctor says to my father: "Sie sind gesund. " He says to both of my parents: "Sie sind beide gesund." (You both are healthy).


seid is used when the subject is ihr (you -- several people)

sind is used when the subject is wir (we) or sie (they).

So, for example: Wir sind manner und ihr seid madchen

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