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We can save the language

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I started learning Irish out of interest here and I am amazed that so many people want to learn it as well. Maybe we can provide an example for imitation to the Irish people so they can start learning and using their language again. It is a great shame for this language to go extinct, and this goes to all the languages too. When people stop talking the language, a whole culture, a whole country dies. We have to keep the language in life, and hopefully, the Irish government can do something about that too. We can save it. Go raibh maith agat.

(my english are bad, brón orm)

11 months ago


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I think the government made it necessary to be taught from a certain age in Irish schools, the same for Welsh and it can be taken as a subject in almost all universities there. This was more successful in Welsh revitalisation than Irish to my knowledge.


11 months ago


thank you for keeping this language alive, thank you

11 months ago