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  5. "Ihre Mutter und Ihr Vater"

"Ihre Mutter und Ihr Vater"

Translation:Her mother and your father

August 23, 2017



Warum nicht Your mother and your father?


The solution provided by DL (her, her) is wrong. As both Ihre and Ihr are capitalised, at least the second part is always the polite form and hence needs to be translated as ... and your father.

Your solution is correct.


Couldn't it be her mother and her father? Why is it considered wrong? Plz explain. Thank you


Couldn't it be her mother and her father?


Ihr Vater with capital i can only mean "your father".

"her father" or "their father" would be ihr Vater with a lowercase i.

At the beginning of a sentence, you can't tell the difference between ihr and Ihr (so we might be talking about your mother, her mother, or their mother), but in the middle of a sentence, the distinction is clear.


Duolingo, must you tell him/her about that, you should try keep a secret sometimes. ^_^


es sollte nicht ,,your" heißen, das würde doch ,,dein Vater" bedeutet, was in Zusammenhang mit der Ausgangsfrage Falsch währe! Wie ist das zu verstehen


Haben Sie in der Schule Ihre Lehrer niemals gesiezt?

(= Didn't you ever call your teachers Sie at school?)

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