how much xp should I be getting per day as a beginner

August 23, 2017


Set your daily target to whatever seems a steady and consistent pace for you. Every learner has a different method and pace than others, some slower or quicker. Note that whatever amount you choose to set your daily target at, you can always complete more than that specific amount.

I usually do 20 to 50 XP a day (which isn't much-i'm just too lazy XD)

keep the lingots plz

It depends on how serious you are or how much you want to learn in whatever amount of time. Maybe 50 XP. It depends so don't listen to me!

What on earth? Who just gave me 49 lingots??? Thanks so much whoever that was! Was that you Lauren?? Thanks so so so much! I don't know what to say!!!

Yes it was me Someone gave them to me and I thought I wanted to earn them on my own so I gave them to u

get at least 100 xp per day

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