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What are the weirdest phrases in Duolingo

August 23, 2017



In Irish you have "Leánn na lachain an nuachtán" meaning "The ducks read the newspaper".


I just found this phrase in the norwegian course: "Bjørnen din drikker øl" (Your bear drinks beer). Maybe there are alcoholic bears in Norway. Who knows...


Mmm, well-informed ducks in Ireland and alcoholic bears in Norway. It's something orwellian...


In Spanish there's one that says " Soy un pato, hablo Ingles" (I am a duck, I speak English)


Do you see? Ducks read newspapers, ducks are bilinguals. Maybe ducks have a plan. Ducks rule!!


I was taught 'I am a horse ,I speak english'.


My personal favourites are both from the Hebrew course:

הברווז שלי לא רוצה לאכול אותכם

My duck does not want to eat you. (Um. Good...?)

הוא איבד שליטה על הברווז שלו

He's lost control of his duck! (Does this negate the first sentence?? 8-o)


Yesterday I saw, "The bear likes the vegetarian." It had a lot of comments. One of the comments was that the bear ate the vegetarian and washed it down by drinking beer. I think the language was Esperanto.

Oh yeah, in Esperanto bears also drink beer. They copied from the Spanish bears.


The EO course has some gems!


Duolingo can teach some pretty strange phrases I want to know your personal favorites.


"spiders are animals" is what came up in french


They ARE animals. They are arachnids, which is in Animalia, so they are animals.


True, but it still sounds weird


it also said that ants are animals too...hmm, I never knew that before...


Yes, I saw that too. I was like: "yeah, sure...."


If you want to find weird phrases, look in the flirting lessons. A bunch of suprising text over there which will draw your attention. (But you will need to have some lingots to get the lesson on the lingot store)


Something like "We need to break that culture." It sounds ominous and certainly against the prime directive. I think they may have meant break with tradition.


I love DL's wacky sentences so much!!! I have a folder full of them. Dutch: Her elephant eats cheese and drinks wine. The spider reads a book. Twenty-one ducks and a first apple. The sheep doesn't read. Forty small horses against one big duck. The kids play with twenty-seven wet cats. German: Why are we happy? The penguin has three feet. French: It's only a bear. Swedish: I believe in summer. The fairy tale is about two hedgehogs and a bar of soap. I was invited to the crayfish party.


in Spanish I got 'yes, I eat spiders'

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